Strain Review: Animal Cookies by Mad Cow Genetics


One of the Best GSC Variations I've tried to Date

Obviously Mad Cow Genetics is one of the top cultivation groups in Los Angeles with big named strains like Thin Mint (Girl Scout Cookies Variant) , Walter White (Jack Herer Variant), & Mango Dango (Green Crack Variant). Out of the boutique phenotypes I've tried within the last year, this Girl Scout Cookies variant is the tastiest thing I've seen come out of a dispensary. 


I like to first try a strain the old school way: packing a small-ish bowl in a brand new, straight forward glass pipe (not a bubbler, not a bong) to fully experience the flavor profile of the strain. I also enjoy taking a couple of what I call "dry puffs", where I inhale from the pipe once its fully packed without a flame to the bowl; this allows me to gather the flavors of the strain before I ignite the flower with fire. After a couple of seconds I then light a corner of the bowl and take a medium sized hit (I don't think ingesting to get completely barbecued allows me to properly review a strain). The immediate effects upon exhale (😉) were relaxation, elation, and clear thinking. 

Leafly's chart on the effects of Animal Cookies.

We're looking forward to reviewing more of Mad Cow Genetic's phenotypes strains that they send our way in the near future!