Strain Review: Platinum Moonstone Kush by Northern Emeralds

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Northern Emeralds has become one of the biggest names in the California Cannabis Industry. Not only is their brand a positive staple on the image of cannabis, but the quality of their products represent them so well. 

When our dispensary first got our supply of Platinum Moonstone Kush, we were all in awe of this beautiful-looking strain. Once we broke the seal of the package to begin displaying it in our Exhale Med Center mmj quality jars, the wonderful smell was almost overwhelming. This strain definitely has a lot of OG Kush in its lineage but it still displays uniqueness among the array of nearly identical OG kush strains in the medical and recreational dispensary markets today. 

One disclaimer about this strain: It made me incredibly sleepy almost right away. It has an incredible flavor profile, induces relaxation instantly, but made me want to take a nap at 1:00pm in the afternoon when I had a bootcamp class to go to an hour later. Luckily, I only prepared myself one of my small little "flavor bowls" so the tiredness was easy to overcome. 

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Tom VickersComment