Strain Review: Lamb's Bread


This is my and so many people I know's favorite sativa that has ever existed. The smell cannot be confused with any other strain. There's something so wonderfully "smelly" about it's amazing and unique "cheesey" smell and the nugs always look the same as well. It's a beautifully formulated flower and a favorite among LA cannabis users. 

What I love about sativas like Lamb's Bread is how clear-headed I am after I use it. I'm not much of a daytime smoker but this is one of those strains that you could smoke a ton of and go about your day at work or school and forget that you were high until you were reminded by a colleague talking about how much he or she loves "lamb" or "sourdough bread". Obviously you'd then have to report your colleague to someone in management because of how strange it was to bring up lamb so randomly in the workplace. In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty faded off this Lamb's Bread as I write this. 

My buddy was visiting from Sweden and of course I had him stop by Exhale before even heading to his Airbnb. He's a sativa guy and doesn't normally have the luxury of all the fantastic strain and product choices we take for granted in a dispensary in the great state of California. Lamb's Bread was the first strain he saw off the board; he took one whiff and got an eighth of it. Luckily, he wasn't able to smoke the whole eighth in the short time he was here so he left me the rest of it. 

Tom Vickers1 Comment