Product Review: Stiiizy Vaporizers

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I've been hearing a lot about Stiiizy and within the last couple months some of our customers have been asking if we were ever going to be carrying them. Last week our manager told us that we were expecting a distributor to drop off our first order and our whole team was really excited. 

I like to have a pen on me at all times just in case an emergency arises (and it usually does because my threshold for designating something an emergency is ridiculously low). I thought it would be best that I grab one indica and one sativa off of Stiiizy's roaster and I couldn't be happier with my choices. For my sativa I chose the "Premium Jack" and for my indica I chose the "Biscotti" cause as you know from my other posts I am a Girl Scout Cookies HEAD. 

This was also my first time using a vape that wasn't one of standard 510 batteries with a small cylinder style cartridge; I was pleasantly surprised. The strains were definitely on par with the flavor and effect of my favorite bloom cartridges but the pull from the actual vaporizer was awesome! I actually had to taper back how hard I was hitting the vape pen so I could pace myself a little bit. I think I'll continue to buy Stiiizy whenever I see them on the shelf! 

Tom Vickers1 Comment